How does the ErecAid System work?

A human erection is a complex event that involves the brain, hormones, blood vessels, nerves and muscles inside the penis. When these work together properly, the penis fills with blood to produce an elongated and hard erection. In simple terms, an erection is a blood-filling and blood-storing event, which takes place inside a man’s penis.

A vacuum pump pulls blood into the penis to produce an erection. A tension ring holds the blood in the penis, keeping the erection long enough to have sexual intercourse. When the ring is removed, the erection quickly goes away.

An erection achieved with the System usually has greater girth or thickness, since the blood vessels are filled to their maximum potential. However, the ErecAid System is not an enlargement device; it simply allows the penis to obtain its largest natural state.

What are the differences between the three Vacuum Devices you sell?

All three of our Models are Medical Quality Vacuum Devices, Made in the USA, CE Certified, FDA Approved and TGA Approved in Australia.
ErecAid Models

Both ErecAid Models are manual models. The hand pumps are quiet, with an easy action hand lever to operate the pump. The Osbon ErecAid ESTEEM Manual Model is our most popular. It is the most streamlined model, one handed operation, and comes with the ring loader. The Osbon ErecAid CLASSIC manual Model, is for men who can’t afford the $661 for the Esteem Model. The Classic is a two handed operation, and does not have a ring loader.
Suitable for men who need a Medical Quality Manual Model.
PosTVac Model

As Osbon no longer sell the ErecAid Battery System internationally, we offer this top of the line PosTVac Battery Operated System (BOS3000). PosTVac is made in the same factory as ErecAid, and offers exceptional quality. It is a 3 AAA Battery Automatic Model.
We sell it with Osbon Rings, A, B, C and D but we are happy to swap these rings for the usual PosTVac Mach Rings if you prefer.
Suitable for men who need a Medical Quality Battery model.

Do I need a prescription from my Doctor?

No, a formal prescription is not required in Australia, in order to purchase the product. Most health funds will require a letter of referral from a specialist.
However, it is important that each man consults with a medical professional prior to purchase.

What does the warranty cover?

The Osbon ErecAid Esteem Manual System comes with a 5 year warranty on the pump, cylinder and ring loading device. The warranty does not apply to the tension rings or lubricant as these are consumable parts of the system that will need occasional replacement.

The Osbon ErecAid Classic Manual System comes with a 1 year warranty on the pump and cylinder. The warranty does not apply to the tension rings or lubricant as these are consumable parts of the system that require occasional replacment.

The PosTVac BOS3000 System comes with a 5 year warranty on pump, cylinder and ring loading cone. The warranty does not apply to the tension rings or lubricant as these are consumable parts of the system that require occasional replacement.

What is the nature of the money back guarantee?

The purpose of the 90 day money-back guarantee, is to enable us to have the opportunity to assist the patient in obtaining the best possible result. If you are having any difficulties, simply call our technicians; they will work with you over the telephone to solve the problem an offer solutions or re-assure you. If, after receiving instructions from a technician at least twice, a satisfactory result is not reached, you can request authorisation to return the product.

Are there any other expenses associated with the ErecAid System?

The initial purchase is a one-off cost for the patient. The only ongoing expenses would be the replacement of minor consumables such as tension rings (1-2 years after purchase), and the water based lubricant (approximately 6 months after purchase).

Does Medicare or any of the Private Health Funds provide coverage for the ErecAid system?

Unfortunately, the ErecAid Systems are not provided for by Medicare in Australia. The majority of private health funds do provide partial coverage (usually about $300 to $500, depending on the fund), but this varies enormously. Each patient is advised to check with his provider on extras coverage.

Do Veterans’ Affairs cover the cost of the ErecAid System?

Yes, eligible War Veterans (all Gold Card Holders or White Card Holders specifying ED) are entitled to have the cost borne by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). DVA do require a referral from a Specialist, specifying that they recommend the Osbon ErecAid System for the patient. Please post, fax or email the referral to us and we will take care of the rest.

What makes the Osbon ErecAid System better than all the rest?
  1. The fact that the ErecAid System is a Medical Quality Vacuum Erection device. Negative pressure in the cylinder is well contolled. CE Certified Medical Device. Approved by the FDA and the TGA in Australia.
  2. Our special tension rings, which have two pressure-points, designed to create the optimal pressure. Each system purchased, includes 4 tension rings, of varying size and tension. By using a combination of these rings, patients have 7 different levels of tension available to them, and in this way, they are able to achieve a far superior result than other products on the market.
  3. Quality of workmanship in the design of the system. Patients who have used other systems in the past (which haven’t worked), and then use the Osbon system, comment on the obvious quality improvement.
  4. Our money back guarantee and life-time warranty on major parts.
  5. Our technical expertise, and follow-up service. Patients are welcome to contact our clinical technicians on our-toll free number with any questions or concerns they may have, this is an ongoing service provided to all our valued customers.
Which patients shouldn't use the ErecAid System?
External Vacuum therapy is a proven, safe way to treat Erectile Dysfunction, or impotence.  However, some patients should not use the device.  These include:
  1. Men with previous history of spontaneous priapism (an erection that lasts more than four hours).  This may be extremely painful and may cause permanent damage to the penis.
  2. Men how have sickle cell trait or disease, or hypercoaguability (excessive blood clotting) are more likely susceptible to suffer from priapism.
  3. Men who have a bleeding disorder or who bruise easily.  Use of a vacuum device may cause painful bruising of the penis in these men.
For the general population, there is no inherent or significant risk in properly using a vacuum device.  Misuse of the device or tension rings, however, may result in painful or permanent injury to the penis.  Users should therefore read and follow instructions very carefully.
What are the General Warnings and Precautions?
  1. Talk to your Doctor if any complications occur while using this device. Stop using the device if complications continue.
  2. Do not leave the ring on your penis for more than 30 minutes. Do not fall asleep wearing the ring. Leaving the ring on too long may damage your penis by keeping blood from flowing into it.
  3. Allow at least 60 minutes between uses of the ErecAid. Using the rings too often may cause bruising at the base of the penis, where the penis is joined to the body.
  4. If you have symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction, not being able to get or keep an erection that allows you to have sex, talk to your doctor before using the ErecAid to prevent a delay in discovering and treating the cause. Common causes of Erectile Dysfunction are heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cirrhosis of the liver, chronic renal failure and alcoholism.
  5. Ask your Doctor about using the ErecAid System if:
    1. you are taking anti-coagulant, blood-thinning medicine;
    2. you have a penile implant; or
    3. if you have Peyronie’s disease, leukemia or other blood disorders where bleeding or clotting may be a problem. The effect of the ErecAid System on the components of implanted penile prostheses have not been adequately investigated. Therefore, if you have a penile prosthesis, consult with your Doctor prior to use.
  6. Do not use the ErecAid under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These substances may reduce your sensitivity to pain or impair your ability to follow directions properly.
  7. The ErecAid may bruise the blood vessels just below the surface of the skin, which may cause petechiae when you first begin using your System. Petechiae are very tiny spots beneath the skin. This is a response to placing the penis under vacuum pressure too long, too quickly or after a long period of inactivity. If this happens, discontinue use of the system until discoloration completely disappears, which can take about 5 to 7 days.
  8. Always use the least amount of vacuum pressure necessary to produce an erection. Using too much pressure or increasing the vacuum pressure too quickly may cause discomfort, pain or bruising. Release vacuum pressure immediately if pain occurs.
  9. Improper use of the vacuum pump could result in the swelling of the penis and/or serious, permanent injury to the penis. Improper use may also worsen pre-existing medical conditions such as Peyronie’s disease, Priapism and urethral strictures.
  10. If you notice a bend or curve in your penis when you first use the ErecAid, consult with your Doctor.
  11. If your hands are impaired, you should not use this product. You must have full use of your hands to safely use the rings and pump. If you do not have enough strength in your hands, you may not be able to remove the ring. Delayed ring removal could damage your penis.
  12. The vacuum pump may not be safe for men who cannot feel pain in the area around their penis. If you have diabetes, you may have a reduced ability to feel pain. Pain may be a sign that your penis is being bruised.
  13. Tension rings are not a means of birth control. Do not rely on tension rings to avoid pregnancy.
  14. After a period of inactivity when the pump has not been utilized, practice session will again be necessary to recondition penile tissue prior to resuming sexual activity. If you will not be having sexual activity on a regular basis, continue therapy practice sessions on a regular basis unless otherwise instructed by your Doctor.
Can I purchase just the tension rings?

The tension rings have been designed for use with the complete ErecAid System. Replacement rings can of course be purchased for those with an existing ErecAid System.

How long has the ErecAid system been available on the market and where is it made?
The ErecAid System is manufactured in the USA, and was launched in 1985.  It has been available in Australia since 1995.
How long does it take to achieve an erection?
Once you have established a good technique the procedure takes about 2-3 minutes to create the erection and load a ring. Initially you will need approximately two weeks practice to establish an effective technique.
When using the system, how long can I maintain an erection?
An erection can be maintained for up to 30 minutes wearing only the tension ring.
How long do the tension rings last?

The tension rings are re-usable and last about 6-12 months, depending on use. They should be washed in warm soapy water, and thoroughly dried before packing away.

How long does the water based lubricant last?

The Osbon® water based lubricant is a specifically designed gel based lubricant.  The 5oz tube lasts on average 6 months or so.  It is important to always use a water based lubricant, and never petroleum based lubricants, as they will permanently damage the rings.