I needed help getting my erections stronger, I could get some natural function but not enough. So, I used the vacuum pump and really focused on daily practice sessions for a few weeks and was amazed that it really did help. Then I ended up using one of the rings as well because I found I could get a consistent result each time.
Michael, SA
My partner and I are so impressed with the ErecAid System, that I rang the company we bought it from to let them know. This has brought us so much closer and put our relationship back on track. My partner had lost a lot of confidence due to his ED. It was beginning to affect other parts of our relationship. He is only 42, and too young to give up his sex life (after the prostate surgery). I had to do all the research, and track down the various solutions, as he just wouldn’t talk to anyone about it. I rang Multi Medical Group and asked for some information. They sent me a DVD which we watched together, and thought it was definitely worth a try. This product is amazing! We are both really glad we found the product.
Kerry, QLD
I was in a fairly negative frame of mind when I contacted the Australian Distributors of the ErecAid System. My prostate cancer was so bad that during the surgery, the surgeon had to remove my nerves as well. I am over the cancer, which is great, but I thought there was no hope for me to ever obtain another erection in my life. I am 72 so perhaps it is time to forget about intimacy. I had tried injections, and all the tablets… none of them had worked at all. The company were really supportive and basically said it was worth a try. I would get my money back if it didn’t work. So, I did try. I rang them back two weeks later, absolutely thrilled to bits as it definitely worked! I couldn’t believe it. I would definitely recommend the ErecAid System to anyone with Erectile Dysfunction.
Harold, QLD
It had been 8 years since my last Erection. I didn’t bother doing anything about it, as my wife had passed away. I have met a new lady and we would like to kick start our sex life. The ErecAid system is really easy to use, and I did have to practice for two weeks, to ‘wake up’ the blood vessels. But it works for me, which is great news.
Adrian, NSW
What an ingenious device this ErecAid is! It is so simple and very easy to use. I have Diabetes and a heart condition, but it works for me!
Keith, WA
I have venous leak so I wasn’t sure if it would work for me or not. I talked to Karen at Multi Medical and she talked me through it. She was honest and said that it might be more of a challenge to get the right tension so it might take a few weeks of practice and perseverance. She was right. Regular practice is the key. Patience whilst I worked out the right ring combination for me. A month later I had it sorted. Very happy to have made the decision to buy the ErecAid System.
Joe, VIC
I didn’t know if this product would be right for me, but I was prepared to give it a go. I was concerned about the long-term effects of injections, so I didn’t want to do that. I had major headaches with Viagra, it just wasn’t worth the trouble. So, I tried it, and was very surprised to find that it worked for me. The ErecAid System is worth every cent.
Barry, TAS
Boy, do I wish I found this product earlier!! I spent about $1000 per year on injection therapy for 8 years! Whilst the injections worked fine for me, they were expensive, and I ended up with scar tissue build up to the point that I ran out of injection sites. I then had to start again and look for another solution. Then I came across the ErecAid System. It is very easy to use, and worked right away for me.
Jim, QLD
I had made the mistake of buying a pump in an adult shop, it didn’t work. They wouldn’t give me my money back, and weren’t interested in helping me. I thought that all types of vacuum therapy didn’t work. I was wrong!

I ended up trying the Osbon ErecAid system, which at the time I thought was pretty expensive for what it was. The Osbon ErecAid System is so much better than the cheaper alternatives, I really did waste my money on the poor-quality version. You can easily see the solid workmanship in the device and the tension rings are unique. The Osbon rings are extremely good quality, and the pressure points offer a unique fit. There is also a wide range of tensions, so you can gradually adjust to the correct fit for you. Definitely worth the money I paid for it, it will last for years to come.

Robert, NSW
I really like the ErecAid. It works well for me. For me, I had to practice for 3 weeks first. But now I know how to use it. I think the rings are very clever. It is easy once you get used to it.
Lim, SA
This product has far exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with the result, as is my wife. I also found the support staff at Multi Medical Group to be very helpful and easy to talk to. I wish I had found this product 5 years ago. If I had, I would have saved myself a lot of time, money and emotional turmoil. Injections just didn’t work well for me, and couldn’t take the medications because of my heart condition; and I thought there were no other options for me. I will be telling my original Urologist how great this product is. I would definitely recommend the ErecAid System to anyone with Erectile Dysfunction.
Peter, NSW