New Zealand Customers: Please contact your Private Health Fund to enquire in regard to any available reimbursement.

Many private Health Funds in Australia provide some level of reimbursement for the Osbon ErecAid System.  The health funds invite all members to inquire with their fund to ascertain their level of cover and reimbursement.  It may fall under Health Appliances, Artificial Aids, Devices or even external prosthesis categories.  Most funds require a letter of referral, usually from a specialist, to be submitted with the invoice after purchase and the claim form.  Reimbursements can range between $120 up to $500 depending on the fund.


NIB provide reimbursement for members with ancillary cover. Please check with them that you are covered and quote our Provider Number. Our NIB specific Provider Number is 10228976. Let us know you are with NIB when you order and we will add this to your Receipt so you can claim reimbursement.


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